Younger Consumers Migrate to the Lincoln Brand

Lincoln Star Concept image

There are more and more young people, Millennials and Gen Z, among the Lincoln brand adherents.

Buyers of the Lincoln brand in two major global markets – China and North America have been getting younger, Ford Authority reports. Lincoln has been able to resonate with the younger consumer in both regions.

Thus, it looks like younger customers have liked such models as the Lincoln Navigator Black Label and the Aviator Black Label. Meantime, in China, the company benefited from offering the Lincoln Zephyr.

This model was designed for the Chinese zoomers. The focus on younger purchasers in that largest Asian market allowed Lincoln to surpass U.S. sales last year, for the first time ever.

What comes out of this? Once a brand offering traditional luxury internal combustion vehicles, now Lincoln is becoming more innovative and attracting a younger clientele.

With the debut of a new all-electric concept dubbed the Lincoln Star (pictured), the brand is making a big push toward its electrified future.

Today’s buyers of electric cars are those who want to own something new, advanced, and different. They are people who readily embrace digital technology, – that is, the younger generation in the first place.

The Lincoln brand, with its new EV technology and platform, will be able to deliver both progressive and luxurious features, and this is exactly what modern wealthy youth are looking for.

By the way, the popularity of ‘glamping’ (a luxurious form of camping) among young men may well push Lincoln to develop an off-road-oriented model.

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