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Will Volkswagen ID.5 Be Launched in United States?

The newest Volkswagen ID.5 SUV-coupe is officially unveiled this week. Initially, the stylish electric vehicle will be on sale only in Europe. There are no plans for the United States. Or not yet?

The main difference between the Volkswagen ID.5 and the Volkswagen ID.4, which is already on sale in the US, is the specific, sports coupe-like roof slope at the rear. As a result, the ID.5 has slightly less cargo space.

The interiors, equipment and technical characteristics of both are the same. Simply put, the Volkswagen ID.5 looks more stylish and elegant than the more utilitarian ID.4.

Volkswagen of America confirmed on Wednesday that they had no plans for the ID.5 in the USA, Green Car Reports reported. However, electric offerings of the brand will possibly include an electric sedan, a larger SUV and a funky ID Buzz Microbus in the future, VW hints.

Volkswagen of America’s plans may well change. The fact is that the ID.4 started well in the USA. Since the beginning of sales, with the exception of incomplete March, Americans have been consistently buying about 2,000 IDs every month.

Perhaps, the demand for the ID.5 will increase, when Volkswagen launches the local production in Chattanooga, Tennessee and stops importing the model from Germany.

Who said Americans wouldn’t accept the more stylish and charismatic ID.5? Of course, there are those who do not understand why it was necessary to turn a SUV into a sports coupe. Each party has its own arguments.

In any case, ID.4 and ID.5 are technically similar. The difference is only in some body panels. Therefore, there will be no large costs in organizing the ID.5 production. The only question is market expediency.

Volkswagen ID.5 boot image
Volkswagen ID.5 – Boot / Trunk

And one more remark. We’d like to remind you that the Volkswagen Atlas Sport, which is actually a coupe version of the Volkswagen Atlas, had a very successful market launch.

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