Will the Ford Maverick Be Able to Replace Phased-Out Fords?

Will the Ford Maverick Be Able to Replace Phased-Out Fords?_1

Blue Oval believes its all-new Ford Maverick compact pickup has a chance to be a trendsetter.

3 years ago, Ford announced its plan to drop most of its car offerings for the U.S. market, except for the Mustang, and invest in other vehicle types – crossovers, SUVs, trucks. It seems that the recently-unveiled Ford Maverick is part of that plan.

The vehicle is cool and modern-looking, good enough to satisfy the needs of a considerable amount of customers. Plus it is in a pickup body style that is so popular in America. The Ford Maverick could attract 20-30-old buyers.

With the starting price at $21,490 this model is an affordable offering on par with compact sedans, but not as boring. It is not as capable as other Ford pickup trucks but can be a replacement to the Ford Focus and snare former Fusion buyers.

The hybrid-only compact pickup reaches a decent 37 mpg combined and 40 mpg in the city. In this sense, Ford even compared the Maverick with the Honda Civic. Moreover, the Maverick can tow 2,000 lbs or twice as much – 4,000 lbs with the tow pack and a 250-hp turbo engine.               

Successful launch and sales of the Maverick will give Ford an edge over competitors.

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