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Will Ford Edge Get Its Next Generation or Die?

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The Blue Oval wanted to kill the Ford Edge but may have changed its mind. Some prototypes suspiciously reminiscent of the next-generation Edge and Lincoln Nautilus have recently caught the eye of spy photographers in Europe.

It was previously reported that Ford’s Oakville Assembly facility will cease building the Edge and Nautilus after the 2023 model year. Indeed, the company plans to retool that plant to switch to manufacturing other products – namely a quintet of new electric vehicles starting in 2025.

Both models are produced in China too, for the local market. Apparently, the cars will continue to be made there: a new-generation Ford Edge recently leaked via the China government’s official website. Does it mean the crossover will live on in the country? We think it does.

Moreover, there are other ‘signs’ that indirectly confirm the Edge and Lincoln Nautilus won’t fully die: prototypes of the would-be next-gen models have been spotted in Spain, according to Ford Authority.

So, currently, the future of this duo is still uncertain. Perhaps, they will die for North America (the Edge may be replaced by the Ford Fusion Active) but remain in other markets.

Is It Right to Discontinue the Generally Good Ford Edge?

The Ford Edge slots between the Escape and Explorer in Ford’s model range. The Edge does most things well. We can say this is a nice but not great midsize SUV. There’s always something better.

The vehicle offers a long list of standard equipment and active safety features, roomy seats, standard all-wheel drive, a fuel-efficient turbocharged base engine with decent acceleration, confident handling, and a comfortable ride. Unlike most competitors, it is only available in 2-row configurations.

It has a cool, big infotainment display, albeit over-reliant on touch controls, as some people complain. Also, the Edge provides a solid amount of passenger room and good cargo utility.

The main disadvantages are the model’s down-market interior quality with some subpar materials and overall dated design, and its above-average MSRP. For the price, the interior could be better.

The Explorer is more capable and versatile, while the Escape is much cheaper and has better fuel economy. The Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport are generally more interesting picks than the Edge.

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