Why Polestar 1 Can Challenge Mercedes, BMW And Porsche?

Why Polestar 1 Can Challenge Mercedes, BMW And Porsche?

The potent Polestar 1 sports coupe is getting closer to mass production. The first model of the now independent brand passes the last tests on snow-covered roads somewhere in Northern Europe.

Will the Polestar 1 hybrid be able to compete seriously in the segment where Mercedes, BMW, Porsche and other sports car manufacturers have been hosting for a long time?

On the one hand, it would seem that Polestar has few chances. What such can the Swedes offer that was not already offered by the Germans? The Polestar 1, they say, will cost between $150,000-160,000 – expensive even for a premium GT.

The answer is quite simple – a powertrain, or rather its structure and technical characteristics. Three engines are installed on the Polestar 1.

Two electric motors connected to each other by a planetary gear mechanism deliver torque to rear wheels. Their total power is 218 hp. The capacity of the battery, as the automaker claims, is enough for 93 miles (150km). Well, in real conditions, let it be 50 or 62 miles (80 or 100km). So, the Polestar 1 can be utilized as an electric-only vehicle. This driving range is sufficient for the city.

If you go on a long trip on the highway, where electric drive is not so effective, then a 2.0-liter V4 comes into play. It drives front wheels.

Polestar 1

Most importantly, in combination with electric motors the gasoline engine gives excellent dynamics: 600hp, 100Nm, 4.5 seconds of acceleration to 62mph (100km/h). During last tests in snowdrifts in Sweden the Polestar 1 took turns at a speed of 140 mph or 225 km/h.

Which are the competitors? To some extent, this is the BMW Limited Edition M4 CS or the Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Coupe, but they are less potent and much cheaper ($100K +). A strong rival for the Polestar 1 could be the Porsche 911 Turbo. However, none of them has a hybrid powertrain.

Polestar 1

If to talk about the Polestar brand, then the parent Geely invested more than $752 million in this project. A new car factory was built in Chengdu, China, where they will begin producing the sports coupe from mid-2019. The first vehicles will go to dealers at the end of 2019 – early 2020.

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