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Why Ford Maverick Hybrid Deserves a Place in Your Garage

The Ford Maverick compact pickup is a young but already titled model. The manufacturer took the risk of offering a hybrid version and did not lose: the Americans deservedly liked the Maverick Hybrid.

Since the Ford Maverick Hybrid becomes available to customers, it has taken a place in the Kelley Blue Book’s TOP 10 most considered electrified vehicles.

The pickup first found itself on the list in the third quarter of last year, when it was ranked 7th, then it was 5th in the fourth quarter of 2021, 2nd – in the first quarter of this year, and 6th in the 2nd quarter of 2022.  

Given the rising prices of gasoline, as well as the growing consumer interest in electrified vehicles, we are sure about the Ford Maverick’s constant place in the TOP 10 most desired in the near future.

The Maverick has two main advantages – a low base price of around $20K and high fuel economy (42 mpg right off the lot) that balance its two main disadvantages – a small 4.5-foot bed and a relatively low towing capacity of 2000 pounds (up 4000 pounds with a 4-cyl turbo engine and Towing Package).

In addition, the vehicle has SUV-like ride and handling and a stylish cabin that is well equipped for its price, though it may seem too barebones to some people due to the presence of hard plastic.

The truck is together up-to-date and utilitarian, and it well suits the definition “the simpler the better”.

It is noteworthy that the Ford Maverick is liked by different categories of customers: younger, older, first-time buyers, sedan and SUV devotees. This model is rather versatile, but not ideal, of course. The Maverick is more a weekend warrior truck than a workhorse. 

For example, it gains speed pretty quickly, but the pickup is sluggish after that, and getting onto the highway takes precision to time it correctly.

If you spend 90 percent of your commute on the high-speed highway, you’d better choose the Ecoboost version. It is less fuel efficient, but you’ll have more power for passing and will be able to get an AWD/4K tow.

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