When Will Electric Cars Reach Price Level Of Fossil Fuel Vehicles? – Nissan Knows

According to Nissan, all electric vehicles will achieve price parity with diesel and gasoline-powered passenger cars in just a few years – in the first half of the next decade.

Nissan expects EVs will cost like ICEd cars soon, we won’t expect long.

The Japanese automaker confirms its predictions by referring to a research conducted by Morgan Stanley, which states that prices for electric cars and vehicles powered by an internal combustion engine will equalize in 2024.

Moreover, Nissan does not exclude the price gap may disappear even earlier.

The Nissan Leaf, brand’s best-seller

Nick Thomas, Nissan’s EV Program director, believes that in five years the cost of batteries will fall below $100 per kilowatt-hour, while stricter emission standards necessarily affect the increase in value of ICEd cars. This will ultimately lead to price equalization.

According to Mr. Thomas , Nissan’s new electric models scheduled to enter the market in the early 20s, will be sold at very competitive prices in comparison with gasoline and diesel vehicles.

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