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What Will Be the All-New Toyota Grand Highlander?

The Toyota Grand Highlander will throw off the covers on February 8, 2023, at the Chicago Auto Show, and we wonder what it will be.

The manufacturer has recently offered the first teaser image of the upcoming 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander which is a step higher than a regular Highlander meaning at least larger dimensions.

Perhaps “Grand” in the vehicle’s name is not only about the size, and the Grand Highlander will not be just the Highlander’s stretched version but a more thought-out model.

Which models will be the Toyota Grand Highlander SUV’s rivals?

The Highlander competes with the Ford Explorer, Kia Telluride, Hyundai Palisade, and Honda Pilot. The full-size Toyota Sequoia, in its turn, is a competitor to such models as the Ford Expedition or the Chevrolet Suburban.

What is Toyota trying to do by offering the Grand Highlander?

We can assume that the company wants to have a unibody SUV which surpasses the Highlander in terms of cargo and passenger space. At the same time, it could be closer in size to the body-on-frame Sequoia but more affordable and less capable, for those who don’t prioritize towing and much power.

What We Expect

It is coming to take the place between the Highlander and Sequoia in Toyota’s lineup. A Hybrid Max badge indicates the Grand Highlander will get the same hybrid powertrain as the Toyota Crown.

The latter is equipped with a 2.4-0-liter inline turbo-four gasoline engine, and the hybrid system in it produces a combined 340 hp and 400 lb.-ft. The Toyota Highlander’s 265-hp 4-cylinder base engine will likely carry over to its oversized counterpart too.

In terms of styling and technologies, we expect to find similarities between the 2023 Highlander and the 2024 Grand Highlander.

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