What Were the European Sales of BMW Electric Vehicles? – 2022 Results

BMW iX image

Demand for electric BMW models is growing.

Last year, BMW dealers in Europe sold more than 90,000 EVs. Six models are on offer today.

The sales leaders in 2022, according to JATO Dynamics, were the BMW i4 with a result of 25,478 units, and the BMW iX (upper photo) which was slightly behind (24,380 units).

The BMW iX3 crossover, which looks similar to the regular BMW X3, came third with 21,952 sales, and this is 38% better than in 2021.

BMW iX3 image

As for the “electric veteran” BMW i3, it is already discontinued, and now only stocks are in showrooms. However, Europeans bought a decent 19,842 i3s last year.

The BMW iX1 started well on the market. 1,727 customers bought the SUV, but it has been on sale for a little over a month. So we are waiting for further results.

And finally, the BMW i7 electric limousine. It has just gone on sale, and already 800 customers bought it despite its high price of 140,000 euros.

If we take the overall score of 2022, the 3 Series cars became or rather remained the most popular in the BMW lineup with 87,127 sales, followed by the BMW X1 SUV with 68,119 sales, and the BMW 1 Series (66,452 units).

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