What We Should Know About Engine Systems

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Such engine systems responsible for cooling, management, and power supply should be checked regularly. What to pay attention to first of all?

The engine life depends on the efficiency of its systems, such as the cooling system, engine management system, and engine power system. Sometimes an internal combustion engine runs relatively well, while failures occur in its fuel supply, electronic control, and cooling systems.

Some drivers simply do not notice issues due to lack of experience, others ignore them and delay the diagnostics.

Any malfunction, even minor, should be a reason to go to the service station as soon as possible, otherwise, more serious damages can happen in the future.

Engine Cooling System

Problems in the cooling system often cause the engine to overheat. At the same time, overheating is not always critical. While a significant temperature rise immediately disables the internal combustion engine, local overheating usually goes unnoticed, but it also causes significant damage to the engine.

In some cases, a malfunctioning thermostat can lead to the fact that the engine constantly remains cold and does not reach operating temperature. In such a situation, the internal combustion engine operates far from optimal conditions, the gaps are increased, and the fuel burns out incompletely.

In view of the foregoing, it is necessary to change antifreeze in a timely manner, flush the cooling system, monitor the cleanliness of the radiator, periodically check the tightness of all pipes and connections, and make sure that the cooling system fan, pump, and thermostat are working.

Engine Management System

The main issue with the internal combustion engine management system is the failure of sensors. In this case, the engine may run intermittently.

If the damage is severe, the vehicle’s check engine light illuminates on your dashboard. Malfunction of certain sensors may lead to problems with carburetion.

The operation of the engine on an enriched or too lean mixture negatively affects the engine life. Another cause of problems with mixture formation may be the electronic control unit’s “brain”.

Usually, the controller itself rarely fails, which cannot be said about cases when chip tuning was carried out, the control unit was reflashed, fuel cards were corrected, etc.

Engine Power System

You should pay special attention to injector nozzles. Disturbance of the shape of the spray jet as a result of their pollution can lead to very unpleasant consequences for the engine.

Nozzles must timely open and close. Don’t allow their leakage and fuel overflow. Otherwise, the ICE may work intermittently, excess fuel enters the engine’s crankcase diluting engine oil. As a result, the lubricant loses its properties, and engine parts begin to wear out intensively.

To extend the engine life, clean the injector (nozzles) regularly, and make its computer diagnostics. This approach allows you to detect malfunctions in sensors in time, avoid mixture formation issues, and also maintain injectors in working condition.

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