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What to Expect from the 3rd Generation Dacia Duster?

Pre-production prototypes of the new, third-generation Dacia Duster can already be seen on road tests. Spanish journalists made the first conclusions about the future crossover.

The new Duster, according to Motor.es, will be technically all-new. Moreover, the crossover of the current second generation will be the final version of the model that uses the cheap old B0 platform. Instead, the parent company Renault will replace it with a modern CMF-B architecture.

This means, first of all, two things. Firstly, the CMF-B makes electrification possible. Secondly, and this is the main thing, the third Duster will be more expensive than its affordable predecessors. In addition, diesel engines won’t be used anymore.

A bi-fuel version is also expected, which will be able to use LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) as fuel, and a hybrid version: the Dacia Jogger Hybrid uses the same one.

New Design

Journalists emphasize that the third-generation Duster will be based on the new Dacia design language. This philosophy is perfectly seen in the Bigster concept (upper photo). The retail version of this crossover is positioned as the “elder brother” of the Duster. By the way, the Bigster will arrive at dealers soon.

As for the design of the new Duster, first of all, we should expect the new Dacia badge, consisting of the letters D and C, to be located in the center of the grille.

Despite the dense camouflage of the prototypes, we can already state that the new crossover will retain a somewhat rough off-road style. High clearance, plastic protective elements to protect the lower part of the body and rails on the roof, muscular wheel arches – all this remained.

However, there will be a rear spoiler on the roof, fully different bumpers, as well as some body panels. In general, the new Duster will have improved aerodynamics.

The debut will take place in the second half of 2023.

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