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What People Think About When Driving: A New Research From The AA

The British Automobile Association (AA) has made a new research about people’s distraction behind the wheel. They questioned 16,000 respondents of different age categories asking them of what they think when driving.

Only 14% of young men from 18 to 24 years old concentrate on driving while they’re behind the wheel. Among the aging people over 65 years old almost a half (45%) think only about the road and navigation and do not distract to other things.

The research revealed a split between the genders: 34% male drivers concentrate on driving, and just 21% female drivers are able to focus solely on riding.

What thoughts do usually distract people from the road? So-called “life-admin”, as researchers found out.

34% respondents think of work while behind the wheel, 22% – of money and 18% are preoccupied with thoughts of relationships. Other distractions are breaking down, planning meals and do-it-yourself projects.

Edmund King, the AA president, says:

Our research shows how cars can provide a haven for drivers from their busy lives….Being in the drivers’ seat gives them the opportunity to think about arrangements and plans without always being interrupted by others. The difference across the age groups is probably a reflection of how learning to manage your own concentration is one the hardest things for new drivers to grasp post-test.

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