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What is General Motors UltiBody Architecture?

Chief Engineer of General Motors has explained in a recent interview what their team uses the term “UltiBody” for.

It turns out General Motors came up with a special term to describe its new BT1 platform: “UltiBody”. This kind of architecture is neither unibody nor body-on-frame we got used to. This is an all-new, different type of platform that underpins GM’s battery-electric pickup trucks and SUVs, GM Authority has found out.

The “Ulti” prefix is a reference to Ultium battery General Motors uses for its new EVs. The body of BT1-based models has a floor and connects with the Ultium battery (which itself is a significant part of the structure) after the body exits the body shaft.

The lineup of General Motors vehicles to ride on the BT1 platform with UltiBody structure currently includes the Chevrolet Silverado EV (in the photo), GMC Hummer EV, and GMC Sierra EV. The upcoming Cadillac Escalade will get the same architecture as well.

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