What Is an American Dream Car of the Day? – the Answer Is Prosaic

Americans have been asked to describe their dream car. The result surprises.

When I hear the phrase “dream car” I imagine something luxurious and expensive, like the Bugatti Chiron (pictured), Rolls Roice Cullinan, or the Lamborghini Aventador, because a dream is an unattainable thing that you want but cannot have. So I thought.

The survey made by has shown how practical Americans are: their dream car is an ordinary black SUV. So, dreams are dreams, but people tend to measure desires with opportunities.

They surveyed 1,172 US residents – 56% men and 43% women – aged 18 to 80 years. The majority of respondents, as it turned out, don’t dream of a supercar and prefer a crossover.

The crossover/SUV (sports utility vehicle) received 30 percent of the votes, making it the most popular segment in the survey. The Americans called black the most preferred body color. SUVs have dominated the market for several years, and according to experts, they will account for up to 78 percent of sales by mid-decade (2025).

However, the choice varies depending on the lifestyle of the respondents. So, Americans with children dream of a black BMW, travelers on distances dream of a blue Audi coupe, and city dwellers want a white BMW sedan. The patriotic choice was made only by the inhabitants of the countryside, who preferred a red Chevrolet pickup truck.

BMW turned out to be the most desirable brand in general, too: 25 percent of respondents named it the best, and even the huge “nostrils” of BMW’s grille on newer models don’t drive them away.

Ford took second place among brands, Audi – third, and Chevrolet – fourth. Only 1 out of 10 Americans or 11 percent of the surveyed expressed the desire to own a Tesla electric car. It is noteworthy that Toyota was not in the TOP 3 brands in the survey, although it ranks second after Ford by real sales.

The exterior design took only seventh place among the factors that influenced the choice of a car, and the top three factors were the handling, durability, and quality of interior materials. For women drivers, comfort was the main factor, and they rated safety higher than men.

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