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What Does the Tesla Cybertruck’s Rear-Wheel Steering For?

The new option will be a response to exclusive features of the GMC Hummer EV and the Rivian R1T, but is such exoticism reasonable?

In his recent post on Twitter, Elon Musk wrote that the Tesla Cybertruck would get a function of controlling the rear wheels. Journalists have already considered such a message as a challenge to the Hummer EV and Rivian R1T electric pickup trucks.

The first, we recall, has a so-called Crab Mode, and the R1T showed a turn of the tank.

Commenting on the rear-wheel steering of the Cybertruck, Musk assured that this feature would help the pickup to maneuver with high agility.

The phrase is general. What can give the steering of the rear wheels in a particular situation?

Rear-wheel steering may indeed be practically necessary. The fact is that the Cybertruck is quite large even by standards for pickups. And the rear-wheel steering feature can be useful when maneuvering in tight conditions, for example, if it is difficult to get out of the parking lot.

It is obvious that today GMC, Rivian, and other automakers produce electric vehicles which are not inferior or sometimes exceed the set of functions of Tesla. If the company won’t withstand these challenges and update technologies, it risks leaving the game.

The Tesla Cybertruck should go into production at the end of 2021. Therefore, loud statements about its new features are essential for the success of the advertising campaign.

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