What Brings the Lucid Air EV: Luxury of S-Class And Level 3 Autonomy

The upcoming Lucid Air luxury electric sedan will have a standard lidar and in-car driver monitoring.

The Californian company Lucid Motors plans to unveil its all-new fully electric model on September 9,2020. Deliveries should start early next year.

The company is aimed at those who want to have the luxury of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class in an electric car.

UPDATE 07-30-20: The Lucid Air will have a high-resolution lidar, 14 cameras, 1 long-range radar, 4 short-range radars, 32 sensing devices including 12 ultrasonic sensors.

The Level 3 self-driving capabilities called DreamDrive will be available on the Air within 3 years as an eventual over-the-air update, while at launch it has Level 2.

This update will allow the car to manage most driving aspects under certain conditions. Drivers can take off their hands and eyes, but the system can require a person to interfere when it can’t manage a situation.

Level 4 is not planned for the vehicle.

1 comment on “What Brings the Lucid Air EV: Luxury of S-Class And Level 3 Autonomy

  1. Mike Pyles says:

    The Lucid Air will not have 32 ultrasonic sensors. It will have 32 sensing devices in total, with 12 of them being ultrasonic sensors. The rest consist of 1 long-range lidar, 1 long-range radar, 4 short-range radars, and 14 cameras.

    You wrote that the Air will initially “come with less equipment than Tesla offers in its cars today.” Could you please identify what equipment a Tesla has today that a Lucid Air will not have at introduction? A Tesla certainly no more sensors than an Air will have.

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