What Are Sand Ladders for Ford Bronco and F-150?

Ford Bronco in the desert

Ford filed a patent for sand ladders to use them in its best-selling models – the Bronco SUV and F-150 pickup.

Ford has been working tirelessly to expand the list of parts and accessories for off-road purposes. In particular, the US Patent Application describing “Vehicle Design Integrated Sand Ladders” for the Ford Bronco and Ford F-150 was filed two years ago and published 2 days ago – on April 21, 2022.

Sand ladders, typically made of metal or plastic, are usually used to give the wheel a solid object to gain traction when the vehicle is stuck in deep sand. The Blue Oval has developed the idea by diversifying the functionality of sand ladders.

The patent proposes ways for their usage not only when they are deployed, but when not deployed too: as door beams, running boards, inserts in the bumper, grille, tailgate, and even as hood vents.

Ford's Patent of Sand Ladders Drawing 1
Drawing 1
Ford's Patent of Sand Ladders Drawing 2
Drawing 2
Ford's Patent of Sand Ladders Drawing 3
Drawing 3

So, configurable sand ladders can be stored in several areas, not just on a roof rack, and they function both in on-road and off-road conditions before the vehicle gets stuck in the mud or sand.

Source: Carbuzz

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