What a Car Color Says About the Personality Of the Car Owner

Why do we choose a particular car color? There is a scientific explanation for how the choice of car color is related to the owner’s character traits.


People who consciously choose red cars are usually sociable, impulsive, cheerful, and quite aggressive. They are ambitious, determined to achieve their goals, and want to live to the fullest.

They like to be at the center of attention, enter into active disputes, and consider themselves leaders. With the red color of the vehicle, they show the world that they are worthy of attention. This color, in fact, is a “road exhibitionism”.


Diametrically opposite to the type described above. Drivers of gray cars do not like to stand out. They are conservatives, supporters of traditions and balanced decisions.

They love constancy, behave with dignity, calmly and expect the same behavior from others. They do not care about status, considering such things to be trifled. They take care of nature, are careful, and are ready for compromises.

A person who chooses a gray car color is usually very practical and pragmatic.


Silver is not gray. For lovers of silver, status and prestige are important. If you like silver-colored vehicles, you are practical, active, inventive, smart, and have good taste.

After all, silver perfectly masks dirt in cases where you do not have time to put the car in order due to an active lifestyle. Silver proponents are the type of person who appreciates elegance with a little sparkle.


The blue color is special because its connoisseurs are people with a heightened sense of justice and empathy. At the same time, they are faithful and optimistic, easily endure stress, and are resistant to the blows of fate.

Good family men, honest and appreciative sincerity. They love to be considered sages and pillars of opinion.


Lovers of green have a wonderful feature – they have excellent self-esteem, and a complete disregard for the opinions of third-party people about themselves. Despite this, they are kind, patient, peaceful, and bad at saying ‘No’.

Because of this, they often become exploited by others due to the fact that they are really ready to help everyone who asks. Green color, according to experts, is the most balanced and natural.

The darker green a person likes, the more they can be relied upon. He is unlikely to betray, deceive or let you down.


Fans of all shades of brown are the most mundane people. They want to stand firmly on the ground and not be afraid of the future. Hard to endure change, indifferent to surprises, and prefer to know rather than guess.

They do not pursue special aesthetics and comfort, the main thing for them is practicality, reliability, economy, and profit.


Yellow is the color of joy and happiness. To be a lover of this color, you need to be able to see the positive in everything and feel like a lucky and happy person.

A person who chooses yellow knows that he attracts attention, and is not shy about it. He is cheerful and has a good sense of humor.


It is a very rare color on vehicles. Despite the fact that gold is associated with outrageousness, glamor, and therefore “stupidity”, lovers of this color have a good intellect, strong character, appreciate comfort, and know how to make money.


Fans of the orange color are revolutionaries, people who always swim against the current, and do not pay attention to other people’s opinions of themselves. They are artistic, creative, and incredibly charming.


Black is the color of power and strength. Confidence in yourself and tomorrow. The color of status and image. Bad in terms of keeping the car clean. Visually lubricates some details of the car design, so black is rarely used to display exhibits at car shows.

But, if a conscious choice is made in favor of the black color of the car, then you are a worthy and attractive person without external pomp. Which hides a lot from others. You are out of time, fashion and trends. For, you form these same trends.

White / Light Beige

Very light colors are associated with purity, freshness, and innocence. the owners of such vehicles are definitely supporters of cleanliness, both literally and figuratively.

They are perfectionists, have taste, are elegant, stylish, and self-confident. They will have order everywhere – in the car, in the apartment, and in life. Chaos, confusion, and stupidity will be stressful for them. And ordering everything is a cure for troubles.

In addition, lovers of very light shades always turn out to be adherents of everything new and technological. They value fashion, image, intelligence, and wealth.

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