Want a Ford Bronco Hardtop?- Will Have to Wait Indefinitely

Want a Ford Bronco Hardtop?- Will Have to Wait Indefinitely_1

Ford put a temporary hold on automated communications in regards to the Ford Bronco with a hardtop option.

It is not news that the Ford Bronco deliveries are underway. New shiny Broncos are rolling off the production line at the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant. Some customers have already received their desired vehicles, but many of them have not yet.

Those who ordered a Ford Bronco hardtop model are still on the wait list, and it is not clear how long they’ll have to wait.

Ford’s supplier of hardtop roofs Webasto faces difficulties, and some time is needed to fix the issue. So, the Blue Oval will resume the automated communications as soon as the situation stabilizes.

Ford has encouraged the most impatient customers to order a Big Bend 4-door automatic with the 2.3L EcoBoost I-4. But those who insist to have supply-constrained options like the hardtop, at least can get priority access to the Bronco Off-Roadeo.

Source: Ford Authority

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