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Volkswagen Will No Longer Sell Passat in Germany

Information about the Volkswagen Passat sedan has been removed from the automaker’s website in Germany. Toyota stops selling the Camry and the Prius hybrid in Europe.

The discontinuation of once-popular models is a natural process. Everything flows, everything changes. On the back of progress in the SUV segment, consumer interest in sedans is declining.

Not so long ago, Volkswagen announced It ceased production and selling of a once-popular Passat model in the United States of America.

Now Auto Zeitung reports that Volkswagen has removed the Passat sedan from the German site in early November 2021.

However, it is not clear whether this means the cessation of its production in Europe. In any case, a station wagon Passat Variant remains in the lineup, and the Volkswagen Passat sedan is still available to order in other markets of the continent. For example, VW’s websites in France, Great Britain and Spain continue offering the specs and prices. Yet…

The trend is obvious, indeed. Plus, electrification is looking for its victims, and hybrid versions of conventional models do not save the situation. Production areas need to be freed up for electric vehicles.

Toyota in Germany, following the UK, has removed the Camry Hybrid from its lineup. Everything here was predictable. In Germany, the company could sell only 545 Camry cars in 2020. In the United States, almost 300,000 vehicles were bought during the same period.

Toyota Camry in UK
Toyota Camry Hybrid EU-version

Following the Camry, the Prius left the German market. Low sales are likely the reason here. Plus, in 2018, the new Corolla went on sale with the same hybrid drive. The Prius plug-in hybrid remains for now, though.

By the way, on March 31, 2022, Ford will discontinue building the Mondeo (European analog of the Ford Fusion) to make way for the production of batteries and hybrid engines at its plant in Valencia (Spain).

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