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VW Revealed Software Glitch in Golf 8, a Fix by Mid-June, Recall Issued

Volkswagen has resolved the software glitch it discovered in May in the eighth-generation Golf.

The problem was revealed during routine quality assurance checks. The issue relates to the emergency call function (eCall) which is mandatory according to EU legislation.

This device automatically makes a free emergency call and connects to the nearest emergency response center, when the car is involved in a serious accident.

The company has to stop current deliveries to customers. It is issuing a voluntary recall for more than 15,000 vehicles already delivered in Germany, plus for additional cars across Europe.

Volkswagen promises a fix will be ready by the middle of this month on all Golfs. In addition, the Skoda Octavia, Audi A3 and SEAT Leon will likely get a similar update.

Source: Volkswagen

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