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Volvo Tries to Challenge Testa Making Own Batteries and Software

Volvo comes after Tesla developing its own battery packs and software algorithms for the battery system.

Volvo batteries for EVs will become safer, better integrated into a vehicle and updated over the air.

The first bearer of Volvo’s own battery pack is the XC40 Recharge, its first all-electric car. Afterwards, the over-the-air updates will potentially extend a driving range.

Hybrid Volvos currently use the battery packs from one of the largest supplies LG Chem. Starting with the Volvo XC40 Recharge, the company itself will be responsible for the hardware and software in its electric vehicles.

The battery pack will be part of the vehicle structure. Volvo is the maker of the safest cars, so the electric XC40 should live up to this reputation. It means some significant charges made in the engine bay.

Volvo will make half of its global sales be battery-electric cars by 2025. To achieve the goal, the company has taken advantage of Tesla experience by developing its own battery algorithm.

Volvo wants to re-create the phenomenon of Tesla, which offers the popular cars with superior ranges. It is interesting to see how the automaker, which is not an automotive giant, will compete with large manufacturers of electric vehicles, recognized strong players on the EV market.

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