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Volvo Promises To Launch the XC90’s Elder Brother

…and a younger brother of the XC40 as well …

Inspired by good sales results in the first half of 2019 (340,826 units sold worldwide), Volvo Cars declares intention to expand the model range.

The company’s CEO Hakkan Samuelsson does not exclude the development of a larger crossover than the XC90 and a smaller one than the XC40.

But before they want to fill up the apparent holes in the brand’s lineup: a new V40 will join turned into a “pseudo-SUV,” as well as all-electric XC40 and XC90.

Good plans, indeed, given the fact that the Volvo XC90 is rather small in comparison with some other offerings on the market.

According to a Swedish media source Teknikens Varld, Volvo has been thinking of a flagship XC100 model since 2002, when the first XC90 came.

It will be about 5 inches longer and one inch taller than the current Volvo XC90, and have a 5-inch longer wheelbase.

The Volvo XC100 (named the “Project V616” inside the company) will sit on the future SPA2 platform. This model, if ever launched, should arrive in 2022 or 2023.

As for the model below the Volvo XC40, there are no details about it so far. Auto Express supposes it may use Geely’s technologies and an electric powertrain, and be available for leasing, not for sale.

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