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Volvo Concept Recharge Previews Brend`s Future Cars

The Volvo Concept Recharge has been unveiled. The SUV introduces a new Volvo design language. It also previews the next generations of the brand’s pure electric cars.

Volvo designers evolve the car’s proportions to increase interior space and improve aerodynamics. They extend the wheelbase and the wheel size.

The vehicle sits on an all-new electric-only technology base with a full battery pack under the flat floor. The floor provides more space and a better seating position for all.

Volvo repositions the seats, optimizes the roof profile, lowers the hood retaining the high eyepoint, removes all unnecessary elements, replaces the traditional grill with a shield-like structure.

New Thor’s Hammer headlight design includes the latest HD graphics. The carmaker reimagines signature vertical rear lamps with a set of wings that extend at higher cruising speeds.

Inside, there is a large 15-inch touchscreen of the next-gen infotainment system. The cabin’s Scandinavian design features clean lines and extensive use of sustainable and natural materials.

A specific feature is a LiDAR sensor from the Luminar company. Volvo places it on the roof to collect environmental data around the car.

Source: Volvo

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