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Volvo Launches Optional Driver-facing Cameras

This year Volvo Cars intends to launch in-car cameras, which will monitor driver health. The company strives for providing the highest level of safety for occupants. The brand’s camera technology is so advanced that it is able to predict driver health problems before they happen.

Volvo’s driver-facing cameras will monitor behavior and biometrics. The Swedish car maker will introduce them as an option within the year of 2019. They are not to spy on and to be imposed upon owners. Such cameras are intended for driver assist and safety.

They can determine glucose levels of a person behind the wheel by looking at pupils and call the hospital or a driver’s relative if they detect a health problem. Cars with such onboard cameras will understand driver condition and destress him or her on the way back from work.

Volvo has tested the cameras since 2014. The company engineers filmed drivers in Shanghai to understand human reaction in stressful city driving. They also experienced the technology in the XC90 Drive Me autonomous car test project.

Volvo believes people will gradually evaluate the benefits of onboard cameras and the wide range of possibilities they provide, including video conferencing and ID purposes.

Source: Car Magazine

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