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Volvo Developed Guidelines For Child Safety In Cars

Volvo Cars has developed a number of child safety guidelines based on studies of 7,000 real accidents with children aged up to 15 years.

Infants are especially vulnerable passengers. The head of a nine-month-old kid takes 25% of its total weight; traumatic brain injuries cause damage to the brain.

The proper use of onboard safety equipment for children reduces consequences of injuries in accidents.

A common mistake is to keep infants on knees or chairs which are not suitable for a child’s age, height and weight.

According to the research made by Folksam (Volvo’s partner, the Swedish insurance company), the risk for a child passenger to be seriously injured in a road accident is five times higher with forward-facing than with rearward-facing seat position.

Volvo recommends to use:

  • rearward-facing for 0-4 years old children;
  • airbags when transporting children in the front passenger seat, the airbag must be deactivated in case of rearward-facing position;
  • seat belts for children correctly.

The diagonal part of the belt must be placed over the child’s shoulder and not under the arm. The horizontal part should go across the upper thighs and not across the belly.

Volvo has cared of in-car high-quality passive safety for more than half century. Not long ago, it celebrated the 60th anniversary of a three-point seat belt creation.

Inspired by astronauts, Volvo began testing seats with rearward-facing in 1964. The company introduced its first child seat of this kind 8 years later.

In 1990, Volvo introduced booster cushions integrated into the rear passenger seats.

Volvo child seats are made of 80% wool, use ISOFIX mounts, designed for various weights.

In 2014, Volvo developed an 5-kg inflatable chair for children, that can be taken to an airplane as carryon.

Volvo also made recommendations how to use different types of child seats for passengers of different weights and ages.

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