Volvo Cars Will Offer 5 New Electric Vehicles: Which Ones?

Volvo Recharge Concept 2021 photo

Two crossovers, a sedan, and two activity vehicles – all-electric ones will be launched by Volvo Cars in the next few years.

The other day, Volvo shared the plans for its future EV lineup during the event for American dealers, according to Automotive News.

The lineup will include a full-size, 3-row successor of the XC90 SUV arriving next year and bearing a resemblance to the Volvo Recharge Concept, a sedan joining after, a smaller crossover, and a pair of wagon-like models called “activity vehicles.”

Though the first vehicle to arrive is called the XC90-successor or even its replacement, Volvo will continue to offer a regular XC90 and will refresh it. The latter is a successful model, and the carmaker intends to keep it on sale for some time.

Not much is known about the mentioned activity vehicles yet. As for the second electric crossover, it will sit between the XC60 and XC90 and is expected to land in 2025. It will be the global model.

Besides, Volvo revises plug-in hybrid XC90 and S90. Some rumors say the company will also add an all-electric XC60 and a small crossover positioned below the Volvo XC40.

Photo: Volvo Recharge Concept

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