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Volvo Cars Will Communicate With Each Other On Roads Of Europe

Volvo Cars continues to prove it is a leader in the use of new technologies. Now, for the first time in the automotive industry, an innovative connected safety technology will be available in Volvo vehicles throughout Europe.

The cars of the brand will exchange information and inform drivers about slippery roads or threats that are close to them via a cloud network. This will allow a driver to adjust the speed in advance and avoid accidents.

The systems warning of potential threats were tested on Volvo 90-Series models in Sweden and Norway back in 2016. Now they will come as standard on all new Volvo of the 2020 model year. These functions can be applied to some earlier models.

Volvo Cars encourages other automakers to join the exchange of anonymous traffic data in real time. Since 2018, Volvo Cars and Volvo Trucks have been using connected technologies to alert drivers in Sweden and Norway.

When the driver of a Volvo vehicle equipped with this technology triggers an alarm, the system sends warning messages to all nearby Volvo vehicles connected to the cloud service.

Hazard Light Alert demonstration on V90 Cross Country

Last month, Volvo Cars announced the introduction of several technologies for safe driving. So, from 2020 the maximum speed will be limited to 180 km/h on all vehicles of the brand.

Since the early 2020s, the company will install on-board cameras and other sensors to monitor driver behavior. The car will be able to intervene in driving in order to avoid injury or fatality, if the system determines that the person behind the wheel is in a dangerous state (intoxication, distraction, etc.).

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