Volvo Announced Its Biggest Ever Recall – 2.2 Mln Cars Worldwide

Volvo Cars is recalling nearly 2.2 million vehicles built between 2006-2019 due to seatbelts issue, Reuters informs.

Over time and under certain circumstances, a steel cable that connects to front seatbelts could suffer from fatigue and damage. This reduces restraint function of a seatbelt.

Affected cars include the Volvo XC60, XC70, V60, V60CC, V70, S80, S80L, S60, S60L, S60CC.

Of the whole 2.2. million vehicles involved in the recall, 412,000 units are in Sweden, around 308,000 cars have U.S owners.

Volvo will notify the owners of affected models asking to contact their local dealer of the brand for free of charge repair.

The Sweden carmaker claimed it had not received any reports about accidents or injuries in connection with the flaw.

The company strives to be the safest car brand in the world. The irony is that it was Volvo which invented innovative and breakthrough, at that time, three-point seatbelts in 1958.

According to Volvo estimates, this seatbelt type has saved more than 1 million lives in over 40 years.

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