Volvo Car Owners Won’t Be Able To Speed Up Over 112 Mph

Volvo Car Owners Won’t Be Able To Speed Up Over 112 Mph

Owners of new Volvo cars will not be able to speed up over 112mph (180km/h). Starting from 2020, all vehicles of the brand rolling off the assembly line will be electronically limited by this certain speed level.

Volvo is famous as a carmaker for which safety is the highest priority. For realization of the Vision 2020 strategy (no injured, no dead since 2020) Volvo focuses of solution of three main problems: over speeding, drunk driving, distraction behind the wheel.  

The company starts with the easiest problem solving and introduces an electronic speed limiter. While we got used to the top speed of 155 mph (250 km/h), Volvo diminished it to 112 mph.

Volvo also plans to further introduce speed limit technologies on its future models, such as a “smart speed control” that restricts speed according to road conditions and a “geofencing” system to limit automatically a driver’s speed around hospitals and schools.

Volvo electronically limits the top speed of all its cars to 112mph from 2020

We can add that according to NHTSA’s research (Americal traffic safety institution), 25% of all fatal road accidents in the United States in 2017 were caused by excessive speed.

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