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Volvo Admits Development Of a Smaller SUV Than XC40

Volvo model range can include the models smaller than the 40 series and, in particular, the XC40 SUV, as announced by the company’s boss.

Insiders have repeatedly denied that the Scandinavian automaker considers a possibility to produce a more compact model than the Volvo XC40. However, speaking at the Financial Times Future of Car Summit, Volvo’s CEO Hakan Samuelsson has admitted that changing customers’ attention to prices of more compact models could make the idea feasible.

The head of Volvo explained that the XC40 (pictured), the smallest SUV of the brand for today, was a step forward. Now the company has a strong SUV lineup. “Never say never”, Mr. Samuelsson believes. There are no certain plans yet, but the purpose itself is good.

By the way, smaller models may well get a fully electric transmission.

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