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Volvo 360c Concept Provides New Safety Standard For Unmanned Vehicles

Volvo Cars developed the Volvo 360c Concept which provides new safety standards for unmanned vehicles.

Driverless technology will be introduced gradually. Fully autonomous cars will share the road with other vehicles.

While developing the 360c concept, Volvo’s engineers aimed at ensuring safe interactions between unmanned vehicles and other road users. They want to create a versatile standard, regardless a brand or a model of each autonomous car.

The Volvo 360c is equipped with a system including external sounds, colors, visual effects, movements, and their combinations to give information about the vehicle maneuvers to other road users.

This means that at any moment the car’s intention will be clear. The Volvo 360c’ safety system warns road users about the purpose, but never specifies what to do and how to act.

The 360c is Volvo’s vision of future mobility and travel: unmanned, electric, connected to the Internet and safe.This future lets the company enter new markets.

The 360c Concept provides four interior modes: a place for sleeping, a mobile office, a living room and a place for entertainment.

A special protective blanket, integrated into the sleeping area, represents the future of safe travel. It works like a three-point safety belt, but adapted to the passenger’s lying position.

Besides the potential for attracting new customers, the Volvo 360s also arises the question of impact on future urban planning, infrastructure development and environmental situation in today’s society.

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