Volkswagen Told How To Order the ID.3 Electric Vehicle

The deposit for pre-ordering the newest Volkswagen ID.3 electric car will be €1,000. The money can be returned, but not later than the start of the mandatory order phase.

Starting from May 8, 2019 customers who plan to buy the first model of the ID family can register on a specialized website, make a deposit of €1,000 and, thus, place an order.

The reservation process is optional, that is, customers will be able to cancel their request. In this case, the registration deposit will be refunded immediately. However, this can happen only until the official order books are opened.

In most markets, the mandatory order phase for customers who made reservations will begin this fall, immediately after the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. In Germany, the mandatory procedure will take effect in April 2020.

Reservations are offered in 29 European markets. The most important markets in Europe for the ID.3 are Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom and Austria.

The ID.3 should go into production in late 2019. The first cars will reach customers in mid-2020. Volkswagen plans to deliver more than 100,000 units a year on the average.

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