Volkswagen Tests a Market-Ready Self-Driving System on the e-Golf

Volkswagen Tests a Market-Ready Self-Driving System on the e-Golf

Volkswagen has been testing a market-ready self-driving system on public roads. The company plans to launch it in 5 years.

Five converted e-Golf serve as test cars. The carmaker chose the roads of Hamburg for autonomous driving trials.

Tests started in March 2019. They are taking place in several phases, one week for each.

The vehicles ride on a 3-km-long road section near the convention center several times a day.

Many in-car sensors analyze the surroundings with 11 lasers, 7 radars, 14 cameras and ultrasound. Each trunk contains the computing power of 15 laptops exchanging up to 5 GB/min.

Volkswagen wants to commercialize the so called “Mission Full Autonomy” as early as the mid-next decade, according to Alexander Hitzinger, VW Group’s Member of the Board of Management.

The system was introduced in early 2000s in the United States as part of the DARPA Racing Challenge. At the time, Volkswagen tested autonomous driving through the Mojave Desert in Nevada.

In 2017, the automaker presented the SEDRIC autonomous concept for the first time to give an idea of how a self-driving vehicle could look in the future. Namely: available at the touch of a button, simple, sustainable, comfortable and safe.

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Source: Volkswagen

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