Volkswagen Talked Of Mild-Hybrid System For Golf Mk8

Volkswagen Talked Of Mild-Hybrid System For Golf Mk8

The eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf will go on sale in 2020. It has  a 48-volt mild-hybrid system. The automaker reported some details about it.

VW has announced that the next Golf will receive a mild-hybrid system. It is the first time when the 48V technology is applied to the model.

Much has been written about the operation of mild-hybrid systems, and this technology will work on the new Golf in the same way as on other vehicles. It uses a belt generator.

The system saves about one tenth of a gallon of gasoline for every 62 miles. These are seemingly insignificant figures, but if they are summed up for a certain period of operation, then the very real result of increasing fuel efficiency will come out.

Meanwhile, the 48V system provides several other benefits. It can increase the torque, and when the driver removes his foot from the accelerator, the car continues moving or “floating” without consuming more fuel.

Volkswagen also promises that a Stop-Start system works more clearly and quickly thanks to the fast response of the 48-volt electrical architecture and the belt-driven starter.

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