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Volkswagen Sees Its Future In SUVs and BEVs

Volkswagen Group of America’s CEO Scott Keogh told of the company’s plans for future.

They want to rebuild the hip brand identity by launching new SUVs and BEVs during the next several years.

There are some signs that Volkswagen is regaining its position in the U.S. market. Its SUV share is 52% in 2019, while the Touareg and Tiguan accounted near 14% three year ago.

Recently the carmaker launched a new two-row version of the VW Atlas – the Sport Cross (pictured). First cars rolled off the assembly line at the Chattanooga plant.

This model is just one in a lineup of upcoming utility vehicles. Two models more, smaller than the current Tiguan, will joint it. Mr. Keogh thinks there is a “massive opportunity for SUVs in the A-segment.”

As for the EV segment, Volkswagen introduced its first long-range battery-electric ID.3 last month. It is not for America, but a same-platform crossover should be unveiled in February 2020 to become VW’s first BEV there. This ID family vehicle will reach U.S. dealerships in the end of next year.

Somewhere from 2022, the company will start production of all-electric cars at the Chattanooga plant, in which it is investing $800 million.

Volkswagen also plans to launch a production version of the ID Buzz, a modern variant of the old Microbus.

Prices for electric vehicles will be affordable, around $33,000, Keogh promises. The carmaker hopes to overcome the consequences of Dieselgate and prove it is able to make better products.

With the Volkswagen Microbus and Beetle, the manufacturer provided transportation for millions of Americans. Volkswagen’s U.S. CEO believes they have a chance with electric models to become a brand introducing “a cool car at a cool price.”

Source: the Detroit Bureau

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