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New Volkswagen Scout Is In the Cards: Will Ford Help?

The Volkswagen Scout all-electric off-road SUV may arrive someday, and this info is a bit more than just rumors.

Recently Volkswagen confirmed at a press event that it owned the rights to the Scout name. Ford Motor Co will be possibly involved in the development of VW’s new electric product with this nameplate.

Ford and Volkswagen partnered to co-develop some vehicles together. For example, the new Volkswagen Amarok shares a platform with the Ford Ranger. The Ford Bronco is also in the architecture family.

Muscle Cars and Trucks assumes the forthcoming all-electric Amarok and Bronco could ride on the common platform with the Volkswagen Scout SUV. The Bronco and Scout could be the related models and even share the assembly line.

Ford itself once tried to trademark the Bronco Scout name but could not, as another company – Traton – had the right to the title. Not long ago, Traton merged with Navistar – the owner of the Scout name.

As Traton is Volkswagen’s commercial truck subsidiary, the latter now has the opportunity to use the Scout name due to this merger, and we’ve got a chance to say about the revival of the classic International Harvester Scout name for the first time in decades.

International Harvester Scout off-roader image

It is expected that the new crossover with an electric power plant will be the ideological follower of the American International Harvester Scout SUV. This retro model has been in production since 1961 and rivaled Jeep SUVs.

VW’s COO Johan de Nysschen envisions the new Scout vehicle could be closely tied to the Rivian R1S but costs much cheaper – around $40,000. Nevertheless, he notes that it is truly speculative at this time to connect the launch of the Scout line with the company’s plan to fully switch from ICE entries to electric vehicles.

Source: Muscle Cars and Trucks

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