Volkswagen Readies to Launch the Arteon Shooting Brake into Production

Volkswagen Readies to Launch the Arteon Shooting Brake into Production

The Volkswagen Arteon fastback will have a new Shooting Brake modification soon.

A pre-production prototype of the Volkswagen Arteon in a Shooting Brake variant is being tested in Sweden. ‘Shooting Brake’ is the today’s name for sports wagons (estates). Judging by the spy photos, the main difference between the new vehicle and the regular four-door coupe is the rear part.

The name for the Arteon wagon has not been announced yet, but this will not be the case. Another thing is interesting. The test mule has almost no camouflage, and plastic lining on the wheel arches, specific for cross wagons, is clearly visible.

Although the ground clearance does not seem too high, we can assume Volkswagen prepares some kind of alternative to the Passat Alltrack. Moreover, after the Audi A6 Allroad returns to the U.S. market, it cannot be ruled out that Volkswagen develops a rival for that model. All-wheel drive has long been tested on the Arteon.

However, with regard to the American market, this is only an assumption. Today, the Arteon itself is sold here – a “premium sports sedan,” as Volkswagen positions it. It costs from 36,000 dollars. The Passat Alltrack is not on offer in the United States. The only weak alternative is the Golf Alltrack.

Another thing is to challenge to the Audi A6 Allroad. The price of the Arteon Shooting Brake will likely be higher than the base sedan’s, but this amount is probably less than 66,000 dollars for the A6 Allroad.

In the near future we’ll find out, if the Arteon gets the Shooting Brake modification with an off-road pack and if it reaches the USA or remains for Europe.

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