Volkswagen Raises Prices For Models With Internal Combustion Engines

Volkswagen Arteon image

While Tesla has simply lowered prices, Volkswagen, on the contrary, makes its models much more expensive. At least this applies to the lineup of internal combustion vehicles.

Volkswagen customers will have to pay more for models with diesel and petrol engines, according to Handelsblatt. It is expected that from February 23, the prices of new cars of the brand with internal combustion engines will increase by an average of 4.4 percent.

VAG justifies such a decision with rising costs, for example, for the purchase of raw materials and energy: “Volkswagen cannot avoid high inflation either,” the plans said.

VW has explained that they are trying to counter price increases with long-term contracts or agreements to ensure prices for essential resources.

The price hike will reportedly apply to most diesel, petrol, and natural gas models. According to the trade journal, some Golf or T-Roc variants will be more expensive by more than 5 percent.

Order books of some automakers are full, but the lack of microchips and other electronics often results in long wait times. VW emphasizes: “We are doing everything possible to deliver the ordered cars to our customers as quickly as possible.” Used cars have also become more expensive due to a shortage in supply.

Another factor that could cause prices to rise in the medium term is the planned EU emission standard Euro-7.

Several manufacturers have stressed that introducing the necessary technology to meet stricter NOx emission limits would take too long and would likely make the models more expensive. On the other hand, environmental organizations call for the immediate abandonment of all classic diesel and petrol engines.

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