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Volkswagen Produced Its Very Last Beetle

The very last Volkswagen Beetle rolled off the assembly line in Puebla, Mexico yesterday to become an exhibit of the VW museum there. The model has its own interesting history of success. The latest (3rd)-generation vehicle has been bought by 1.7 million people.

The VW Beetle is discontinued. The final edition, which is the Denim Blue coupe, was produced at the company’s plant in Mexico.

Instead they will make a crossover there for the North American market that will sit below the Tiguan.

The original Beetle Type 1 (Käfer) dates back to 1938, when Adolf Hitler wished for a “people’s car”. Volkswagen built it until 2003. The Volkswagen Beetle is the most mass model in history produced without reworking its base design.

The public required a new-iteration car, and it arrived in 1998. In comparison with the predecessor with its 1.2-liter 40-hp engine, the New Beetle was dramatically improved.

It received a transverse-mounted water cooled I4 engine producing max 115 hp. Moreover, air conditioning and a 6-speed automatic transmission were innovative for the 90s.

Volkswagen utilized the Beetle as the car for experimentation, making convertibles and a modification with a turbocharger, concepts and special editions like a Barbie Beetle, a Denim Edition, a Beetle Dune.

The last serious redesign took place in 2012 model year. It was also the time when a facility in Pueblo became a site for production of all third-generation cars. The Beetle was present on 91 markets.

The automaker continues developing modern interpretations of classic vehicles, like the electric Volkswagen I.D. Buzz based on the classic Microbus. It’ll go on sale in 2022.

Source: Car and Driver

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