Volkswagen Names 10 Smart Features of the Electric ID.4 SUV

Volkswagen ID.4 Pro S with Gradient Package image

The Volkswagen ID.4 is packed with technology. At the same time, this all-electric crossover is designed to make life easier for the driver. Volkswagen specifies all this in its TOP 10 Tricks for the VW ID.4.

The abundance of technologies in modern vehicles is often confusing and even alienating to customers. This fully applies to electric vehicles. The Volkswagen ID.4 is already available for order in the USA. To reassure potential buyers, the automaker has compiled a small list of features that will simplify the driver’s life and help them enjoy the road trip.

TOP 10 Useful Tricks for ID.4

1. Set the mood

If you want to activate ambient lighting or preset a “mood” in the ID.4, you can quickly and easily dim all interior lighting using the slider in the infotainment system to adjust it to your liking.

2. Interactive navigation

The ID.4 touchscreen display is the centerpiece of your drive with interactive navigation at your fingertips. The 3D navigation map can be tilted with two fingers and quickly find your destination.

3. Heated seats

Winter is not a problem for the ID.4. Seats and heated steering wheel are standard. The resistance heater turns on very quickly with one touch of two fingers on the car temperature slider. The driver and passengers can also add a default setting. It will automatically turn on the heated seats and steering wheel at startup if the outside temperature drops below a certain level.

4. Raise your mood

Volkswagen believes that we all need to laugh from time to time. If you need to have a little fun, a simple “Hi ID, tell me a joke” command will activate ID.4’s inner comic. However, the automaker warns that, first of all, you need to keep an eye on the road.

5. Just get some air

Whether it’s a hot summer day or just needs a breeze, you can control all four windows with one simple touch by holding the button on the driver’s door panel.

6. Voice control of the sunroof

If you want to catch a glimpse of the stars, or the sun is shining in too much, use the voice command to say “too dark” or “too bright” to open or close the sunroof’s top curtains.

7. Smart inserts for cup holders

The ID.4 comes with two sets of cupholders, one on the center console and the other under a cover on wheels. It is not immediately visible, but these inserts are modular. That is, they and the separators can be swapped or removed in various combinations. The freed-up space can be used to store phones or other items.

8. Set favorites

The touchscreen controls most of the ID.4 functions and provides quick access to the most popular features. To do this, you just need to swipe down from the top of the screen. To enable fast access to a function, just press and hold its icon on the screen.

9. Now you can see clearly

If your rear camera lens is dirty, simply press and hold the right wiper arm towards the windshield. The ID.4 not only washes and wipes the rear window, but the powerful nozzle also cleans the rearview camera lens.

10. Say “Goodbye!”

Since the VW ID.4 always works, the electric vehicle can react when the driver gets out. The volume of the friendly farewell sound is adjustable.

Source: Volkswagen of America

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