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Volkswagen Intends To ‘Attack’ US Car Market With Pickup Trucks

Volkswagen presented the Tanoak concept pickup truck earlier this year. It is based on the VW Atlas. Today the company considers a series pickup model for the US car market.

Recently asked by journalists, Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess said the appropriate decision making was around the corner. If a pickup from the German automaker ever arrives, it’ll be likely developed in partnership with Ford.

According to rumors spread over the last months, VW and Ford plan to build the next-generation Amarok on a Ranger platform. though it is not about a merger. For now, collaboration is limited to commercial vehicles with possible future development of the relationship.

Mr Diess defined a direction of Volkswagen-Ford teamwork: there will be an Amarok successor good for global sales including the USA. The other option will be a unibody pickup for America, though risky a bit.

The pickup segment is popular in the United States. So, the new truck from Volkswagen will have to meet there with strong rivals.

Source: MotorTrend

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