Volkswagen ID.3 Costs Less than Comparable ICE Models

Volkswagen ID.3 Costs Less than Comparable ICE Models

Volkswagen makes e-mobility affordable with the launch of the ID.3 hatchback in the summer of 2020.

The basic version of the ID.3 with 330 km (205 mi) range cost less than €23,430 in Germany, following deduction of the environmental bonus. It is inexpensive compared to some internal combustion engine models, for example, the Gold Life. 

Besides, the owners of the ID.3 save about €840 per year on operating expenses in Germany. The other advantages are no road vehicle tax, no oil changes required, less expensive insurance class (17), lower energy costs.

The ID.3 is Volkswagen’s first updatable electric vehicle on the electric MEB platform. The manufacture will initially transfer the current software version to the car during production, to update the digital functions regularly over coming months.

The objective is to bring 30,000 pre-ordered ID.3 1st Edition cars to customers throughout Europe at almost the same time. Volkswagen has announced the market launch to be in summer 2020.

The company is also working on the next ID model with a neutral carbon balance – the ID.4 SUV. It will be built at Zwickau plant, along with the ID.3.

Source: Volkswagen

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