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Volkswagen Golf R Will Have No Version Wth A Manual Transmission

The most powerful R version of the Volkswagen Golf hatchback after generation change will be available only with an automatic DSG transmission. The automaker’s decision to abandon a manual gearbox is due to new requirements for emissions of harmful gases.

Since September 2018, instead of the previous NEDC methodology for determining the emission levels and fuel efficiency of car engines, a new, more accurate WLTP measurement standard comes into effect.

To comply with the new rules, Volkswagen intends to recheck all its models.

True, the buyers of the Golf R today mostly prefer the robotic DSG gearbox, as faster and more convenient. So, the lack of the manual transmission should not significantly affect.

Manual gearboxes will not be available for the Skoda Octavia RS and the Volkswagen Golf GTD too.

For now we are talking only about the cars to be sold in Germany.

Photo: 2017 Volkswagen Golf R

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