Volkswagen Golf Is the “European Champion” 2020… Again

Volkswagen Golf Is the “European Champion” 2020… Again

Last year, the Volkswagen Golf became the top-selling car in Germany and Europe.

Since the automaker completed the model lineup with 8 derivatives, significant increase in orders occurred.

All 8 derivatives of the Golf (GTI, GTD, GTE, R others) were made available in the fall of 2020. VW delivered around 312,000 Golfs in Europe, and 133,900 vehicles in Germany.  Around 179,000  hit the streets in the second half of last year alone.

The Golf had many to catch up to do in the 2nd half of 2020, after the COVID-10 interrupted the market launch.

At the end of 2020, the model topped the registration statistics in Germany, followed by the Tiguan and the Passat.

German trade press named the Volkswagen Golf the best car in the compact class. It won all 16 comparative tests in the Auto Motor und Sport, Auto Bild and Auto Zeitung magazines.Source: Volkswagen

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