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Volkswagen Equips All Models With a Protective Filter as Standard

Volkswagen begins to use an activated carbon filter as standard in all models to effectively filter out pollen, fungal spores, particulates and reduce nitrogen dioxide.

Nowadays many people suffer from allergies. To protect occupants from the pernicious influence from the outside, Volkswagen introduces a new in-car filter technology. It impedes the penetration of dangerous gases, like NO2, into the cabin converting them and leaving the interior air clean.

The lack of fresh air inside can make a driver tired and distracted. Harmful substances in the air are able to cause allergic reactions. All this represents a risk to road safety.

The greatest advantage of the activated carbon filter is its capability to reduce the nitrogen dioxide concentration.

Volkswagen already provides air conditioning functions, like the Air Care Climatronic air purification system, for example, with an air quality sensor.

From now on, every vehicle of the brand will come standard with the activated carbon filter with allergen function. Climatronic continues to be available as an option.

At the owner’s will, older cars can be retrofitted with the new activated carbon filter at Volkswagen dealerships.

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