Volkswagen Disproves Seven Misconceptions About Electric Cars

Volkswagen Disproves Seven Misconceptions About Electric Cars

Volkswagen has fact checked seven common misconceptions about electric vehicles.

Large automakers are paving their own way to the electric future, Volkswagen is not an exception. The company has found arguments in defense of EVs. Here they are:

According to the latest studies, CO2 emissions from battery production are only half as high as previously assumed. VW’s new Zwickau plant, where the ID models are built, is CO2-neutral.  

Price is an important argument against or for.

Let’s take a calculation example with the Volkswagen ID.3. The basic model costs below €30,000. After deduction of the max. environmental bonus of €6,570, a purchase price will be less than €23,430.

The ID.3 costs as much as the VW Golf TDI. It is considerably cheaper than the Golf Life with a 1.5-liter 130-hp TSI (€26,640) or the Golf Life with a 2.0-liter 115-hp TDI (€28,105). The ID.3 with the range of 420 km (261 mi) is on par with a diesel: its price is less than €28,430.

Source: Volkswagen

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