Volkswagen Developed I.D. BUZZ-based Electric Cargo Van

Volkswagen has developed a conceptual I.D. BUZZ CARGO. This is a cargo version of the previously shown Volkswagen I.D. BUZZ van, as well as an embodiment of the retro style and electrification.

Volkswagen continues expanding its EV range by adding electrified commercial vehicles to passenger cars.

The concept’s claimed load capacity is 800 kg. It got a battery which lets the vehicle run up to 500 km without recharging. If you don’t need such a driving range, you may choose a cheaper version with a battery of lower capacity.

The concept car is equipped with an unmanned driving system, rear-view cameras instead of mirrors, a solar battery built in the roof, an intelligent cargo control system, wireless charging support and other innovations.

VW will start to produce series EVs as early as 2019. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles division begins assemblage a little later. The I.D. BUZZ-based production car will arrive no earlier than 2022.

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