Volkswagen Beetle EV Awaits Approval Of VW Bosses

Volkswagen Beetle EV Awaits Approval Of VW Bosses

Volkswagen chief designer Klaus Bischoff has completed sketches for an emotional 4-door Beetle-style electric vehicle. It will replace the current-generation Beetle.

Now the e-model awaits approval. The final decision on its serial production should be taken in the next 2-3 years. The timing of its entry into the market is not still announced, but it will be after the arrival of the VW’s I.D. family cars.

Thus, the company will focus on the production of the Volkswagen I.D. hatchback, the I.D. Buss minivan and the I.D. Crozz SUV in the period from 2019 to 2022.

According to Mr. Bischoff, the VW Beetle EV will be built of a rear-wheel drive MEB platform and have recognizable round outlines of the body.

As electric motors and batteries require significantly less space than the ICE, the new car will have noticeably larger cabin while maintaining compact body dimensions comparable to the Volkswagen I.D. hatch.

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