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Vehicle Hygiene During Coronavirus Pandemic

Automakers have developed instructions for effective vehicle disinfection to reduce the risk of Covid-19 spread.

The coronavirus is spread by air. High-risk places in a private car are located in the driver’s contact area or in front of the mouth and nose.

These include a steering wheel, a gear lever, light and wiper switches, seat belts, mirrors, door handles, window controls, air conditioning, audiovisual systems, screens, an instrument panel, a fuel tank cap, keys.

These areas must be carefully treated after or before operating the car, using disinfectant wipes or other means recommended by doctors.

The procedure for disinfecting a vehicle is the following:

  • carry out hand hygiene and treat them with alcohol gel;
  • wear nitrile gloves on your hands;
  • remove and dispose the garbage from the passenger area: glove compartment, door pockets, cup holders, armrests, luggage space and other sections;
  • disinfect high-risk areas, along with the car keys;
  • leave the vehicle and close the door;
  • take off the gloves and leave them in a container with general rubbish – they are not biohazardous waste;
  • repeat hand hygiene with alcohol gel.

You can put a reminder on your mobile phone. You should not transport many passengers in your car at the same time or give it to friends for use without important reasons.

If you took the car from the driver after self-isolation or a confirmed COVID-19 infection, contact your doctor for advice, as it may require even more thorough cleaning of the vehicle in additional areas.

Service centers of many automakers, in particular Jaguar Land Rover, have switched to online maintenance. The cars for sale are disinfected there every day.

The vehicles after a test drive also undergo thorough disinfection. For service, a representative of the dealership arrives at the client, the car is picked up by a car transporter, and returned in the evening.

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